Vollada Village

A small village roughly ten kilometers from the capital, located at an altitude of 440m among the villages of Aperi and Othos. Volada is a beautiful village with exceptional house aesthetics that offers splendid views of the mountain side of Karpathos Island. It’s worth to rent a car where from the village of Volada visitors

Spoa village

Spoa village is built at an altitude of 350 meters and it has about 200 residents. It is located at 24km from the capital and it combines laced beaches, mountains and trees while visitors can watch the two better moments of the Karpathian seas: The Sunset and the Sunrise. Saint Nikolaos (Agios Nikolaos) is the

Pyles Village

Pyles villages is the smaller village on Karpathos Island. It’s located on the western side of the island and has a panoramic view to the neighboring historical island of Kasos and the mountains of Sitia while the sunsets are spectacular. It is Located 15 km from the capital of the island and it is literally

Pigadia Town

Pigadia is the capital and main port of the island, located beside a rocky hill, also known as Karpathos. It is a relatively new city with about two thousand residents and It is built in the same place as the ancient town Potideo. Pigadia is a modern state and the buildings do not follow any

Othos Village

Located right after Volada village and twelve km from the capital it has one of the most breathtaking view in Karpathos island overlooking the southern part. Only 350 people living in Othos which are involved in agriculture, viticulture and the tertiary sector. Worth driving your car at the plateau of Stes is in a very

Olympos Village

Olympos village is a very known for its traditional and folklore lifestyle. The village is located 58 kilometers from the capital of Karpathos and is reachable by the main paved road from Pigadia or by Boat from Diafani. The village homes are built one above the other, from hilltop down the entire slope of the

Mesochori Village

Mesochori village together with Spoa and Olympus are the upper villages of Karpathos and it’s situated in the middle of the island around 34 km from the capital. An incredibly figurative village and in order to get there visitors must follow one of the most beautiful routes through a dense pinewood forest. Main attraction in

Menetes Village

Built at an altitude of 350 meters Menetes village is only eight kilometers away from the capital and is inhabited since archaic times. The closest beach is that of Ammopi where their is vivid touristic development with hotels, restaurants and mini markets. Main characteristics of the village is the church of the Assumption built at

Arkasa Village

Arkasa is located sixteen kilometers from the capital of Karpathos on the Southwest side. Built on two hills overlooking the sea with its green nature, stunning beaches and important historic monuments. Visitors can find ruins of the ancient city Arkesia, from which took the name of the village at the rocky peninsula of Palaiokastro. In

Aperi Village

Only eight kilometers from Pigadia town, Aperi used to be the island’s capital from 1700 to 1892 while the first high school on the island was built here in 1932. Currently the village is the seat of the Bishop and the approximately 400 residents, are engaged in agriculture and tourism. Worth renting a car and